My names Gary and I’m from San Diego. I’m a huge “beach cruiser buff” and have been riding and selling beach cruisers for over 15 years. I currently live in Huntington Beach, CA and sell beach cruisers out of my home.

I’m always buying and selling beach cruisers and people constantly hit me with tons of questions on what to buy and what to look for. So, I decided to throw this review site together for people who are in the market for a beach cruiser but don’t know what to look for. I hope my overviews and reviews will help. I try to make everything easy to understand. I also integrated my site with Amazon.com to help direct you exactly where you need to go to find the best deal on the beach cruiser you’re looking for.

I hope this site can help you. Also if you’re ever in Huntington Beach, CA, don’t be a afraid to drop me a line. I’m the guy with all the classic beach cruisers in his front patio.


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