Airwalk 26-Inch Cardiff Black Cruiser Review

Airwalk 26 Inch Cardiff Black Cruiser Airwalk 26 Inch Cardiff Black Cruiser Review

If you’re looking for a bike that’s as unique as you are, then you’ve stumbled on to the right one, an Airwalk 26-inch Cardiff Black Cruiser.  This beauty of a bike is black with red accents including a red racing stripe on the tires, a red seat, and red handlebars.

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In true cruiser fashion, the handle bars are bent back and include comfort grips, and the saddle is wide with springs beneath, to make bumpy rides across uneven terrain far less bumpy.  The frame of the Airwalk 26-inch Cardiff Black Cruiser is made of hi-tensile steel and can support riders up to 200 pounds.  This bike is the very definition of cruising in style; it’s a retro style cruiser all around, from top to bottom.

Built by Airwalk, a leader in board sport culture and fashion since the 1980s, this Airwalk 26-inch Cardiff Black Cruiser not only has the style that riders would come to expect from a cruiser, but a trusted name to back it.  As one reviewer on the web said; “I live on the beach, and it looks great—especially compared to it’s more expensive competitors.”  Order your Airwalk 26-Inch Cardiff Black Cruiser today, but don’t be surprised if your car gets jealous when you start riding this around town instead of it.

Airwalk 26-Inch Cardiff Black Cruiser Product Features:

  • Beach cruiser bike for Men;
  • Vintage style cruiser bike
  • 26in wheels
  • High durability frame composed of steel;
  • Wide spring supported saddle seat;
  • Grips made for comfort
  • Coaster brake system
  • Steel rims
  • Chain (KCM)
  • Supports riders up to 200 pounds
  • Assembles very easily
  • 30-day warranty

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