Avenir Classic Cruiser Saddle Review

 Avenir Classic Cruiser Saddle 300x249 Avenir Classic Cruiser Saddle Review

Avenir Classic Cruiser Saddle is a luxurious product. It looks so smart. But the price, you see, is so high for a bike’s saddle. I thought I won’t buy a bike saddle with so much money. So much in not that sense, but in comparison with other cruiser saddles Avenir Classic Cruiser Saddle is really a precious one.

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The trouble was: it is beautiful. Not only this, it is very smart too. The second cause is the cause which forced me to spend so much money for my bike. Besides, mine is a beautiful and smart bike. Avenir Classic Cruiser Saddle fitted my bike so beautifully; they matched so smartly, that I had no option left. And now, to pacify me, I can say, or I should say that I have won. This is a big deal, but the saddle deserves it. I cannot say it with so much force, because they really could have marketed it with some consideration for us. Avenir Classic Cruiser Saddle is beautiful. It is lightweight. It has soft foam padding. It is comfortable. It is made of sturdy rails of steel, Chrome-plated. But it is costly. I am using it for the last two weeks. It is still as beautiful as new. So I cannot complain against it. The product itself is fine. It is really something like a “lounge chair”. It is made of some sort of steel coil spring.  The coil springs are combined with what you may call a web-spring base. Together they give a luxurious, very comfortable ride. The springs make an inaudible sound while my buttock presses on it. It is not a problem at all. Springs may do it. They have feelings, you know.

If you want to enjoy it you can risk you money for it. But do not forget to do some bargaining before you buy an Avenir Classic Cruiser Saddle. You see what it looks like. And you see how much it costs. I have a little experience with it which I already have shared with you. Now, whether you will buy Avenir Classic Cruiser Saddle or not, it is your decision. 

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  1. Engracia says:

    Natasha,It’s a 21in frame and has an original birnakg system on it and a Sturmey Archer English 3 speed hub famous for lasting virtually forever.We are based in Hackney, Dalston Sacklewell Lane and best would be to line up a time before you make your way down.

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