Avenir Dual Action Bell Review

 Avenir Dual Action Bell Avenir Dual Action Bell Review

Make the people alert with the Avenir Dual Action Bell that you are coming. This bell has a large size as compared to the others and at the same time it also gives the loud “Ring Ring” sounds to alert the pedestrians and the other cyclists. The positive thing about the bell is its mounting on a variety of handle bars. If you have to replace your existing bell and you do not know how to replace it? Then there is no need to get worried about it. This bell is really easy to install and it only requires a screw to fix it in place. Just hold the handle bar and then fix the bell on it. After that tighten the screw of the bell and it is ready to go now. Do not feel hesitation you can also change the direction of the bell by simply installing it on the other side.

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Talking about the price it is really affordable bell and for an ordinary man it will be a blessing to install and buy this bell. That will serve you for many years because of its solid construction. The steel top is adjusted by a plastic base. This makes the bell sturdy and long lasting. You can even use it under harsh sunny days or even in rainy days. That will not harm the bell and it will remain unaffected and free of rust. The Avenir Dual Action Bell is among the best bells that are easy to put on, calm to install and affordable to buy.

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