Electra Bicycle Bell (Daisy Yellow) Review

Electra Bicycle Bell Daisy Yellow Electra Bicycle Bell (Daisy Yellow) Review

This Electra Bicycle Bell (Daisy Yellow) is a great way to add a dash of color and hint of a personal touch to any set of handlebars.  This is a universal electric bell that will fit on almost any bike and can be installed in a matter of seconds.

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Aside from being a pretty addition to the handlebars of any bike, this Electra Bicycle Bell (Daisy Yellow) is also practical from a  safety standpoint.  Now, bike riders can alert pedestrians and other bike riders of their approach so that their ride doesn’t have to slow down if the rider doesn’t want it to.  And, even when not in use, this little yellow bell is sure to make any bike lover who sees it smile; or at least frown a little less.

Imprinted on the Electra Bicycle Bell (Daisy Yellow) are two flowers in two different shades of yellow, and the rest of the bell body is finished in a shiny yellow finish that will no doubt glisten in the sun.  Even if the bike that it’s attached to isn’t yellow, this bell is so cute and pretty that it will look great on a bike of any color and any style.  If you don’t believe it, order an Electra Bicycle Bell (Daisy Yellow) for yourself and take it for a test drive.

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