Electra Bicycle Mirror (Chrome Plated) Review

Electra Bicycle Mirror Chrome Plated Electra Bicycle Mirror (Chrome Plated) Review

The Electra Bicycle Mirror (Chrome Plated) will definitely “pimp out” your handlebars. These things are great. They basically clamp to your handlebars and are the perfect accessory for any beach cruiser bike. These mirrors can also be adjustable to both the right and left side of the handlebars. Their chrome with black end protectors.

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There’s a ton of different styles for these mirros and THEY WILL make the heads turn. I’m a huge fan of the checkered pattern and it goes great with most of the bikes that I ride. I also use one just because of safety. There’s nothing like a permanent head injury after getting t-boned by a racing bike on the boardwalk. Moral of the story: you’ll be able to see exactly what’s coming or going behind you which is good to know. You’ll love these Electra Bicycle Mirror (Chrome Plated), not just the style but also for the safety factor. They also can take a bit of a beating I’ve noticed too. Its definitely comforting to think that they won’t get smashed after one time falling off my bike and letting the handle bars hit the ground hard. I guarantee you’ll love these Electra Bicycle Mirrors (Chrome Plated) and you gotta check them out!

Electra Bicycle Mirror (Chrome Plated) Product Features:

  • Chrome
  • Cool Design
  • Durable
  • Great for any beach cruiser

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Grab The Electra Bicycle Mirror (Chrome Plated) While They Last!

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