Electra Hawaii Bell (Baby Blue) Review

Electra Hawaii Bell Baby Blue Electra Hawaii Bell (Baby Blue) Review

Instantly add a touch of class and a flare of personality to any bike with this Electra Hawaii Bell (Baby Blue). With a bold, baby blue Hibiscus imprint surrounded by a shiny chrome body, this bell is the perfect addition to any set of handlebars no matter what color the bike is that it is attached to.

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You’ll be sure to make your presence known on the boardwalk or sidewalk with this Electra Hawaii Bell’s (Baby Blue) loud and noticeable rrrriiiiing. Even if nobody is around to hear it ring, this bell is so delightful to hear that you may find yourself ringing it just for the heck of it. With a simple design, it only takes the flick of a finger to set the bell off and generate the classic bicycle bell sound.

As a universal bicycle bell, this Electra Hawaii Bell (Baby Blue) Model is able to fit on virtually any style bike; whether it’s a cruiser, road, or mountain bike. It attaches in a matter of seconds and can easily be removed if it needs to be transferred to another set of handlebars.

Order your own Electra Hawaii Bell (Baby Blue) today and give your bicycle’s handlebars a personalized look that you’ll enjoy to look at.

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