Floaterhoist BA1 Bike Hoist Review

Floaterhoist BA1 Bike Hoist Floaterhoist BA1 Bike Hoist Review

This Floaterhoist BA1 Bike Hoist is perfect for anyone who wants to make efficient use of open ceiling space insgtead of classic vertical lifting bike hoists.

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This bike hoist is extremely easy to use and very easy to install. This bike hoist is also equipped with a rope locking mechanism that is very secure and will not let your bike fall over and on top of other valuables or vehicles in your garage. The Floaterhoist BA1 Bike Hoist works with mountain bikes, road bikes, downhill bikes, freeride bikes, beach cruiser bikes, bmx bikes and more! This particular bike hoist was designed for easy headache-free install and allows you to hoist lower and your bike incredibly fast. Whether you’re storing your bike for long term storage or need your bike as soon as possible to meet friends for a bike ride, the Floaterhoist BA1 Bike Hoist is perfect for all circumstances.

Floaterhoist BA1 Bike Hoist Features:

  • The one ORIGINAL  horizontal bike hoist
  • 2×1 easy lifting mechanical advantage
  • Maximum weight 55lbs or 25kg
  • Maxmimum ceiling height 3m or 10ft
  • Easy load – bike comfort slings that provide great support for any bike
  • Works or Installs with both solid wood and concrete ceilings

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