Hibiscus Bike Bell Review

Hibiscus Bike Bell Hibiscus Bike Bell Review

This Hibiscus Bike Bell is perfect for any beach cruiser. The cool design and actual ring of the bell makes your ride perfect and reminds people of the original bike bells and beach cruisers from the 50’s. You gotta hear this bell. It sounds great! This bike bell was actually made by Nirve and works well with Nirve beach cruiser bikes. This bike bell will attach to pretty much any type of handle bar there is out there and is super easy to install. This Hibiscus Bike Bell is a steal especially for the price. It’s definitely cheapest through Amazon.com (I saw it at a local bike shop for 10.99). Trust me, Amazon.com is way cheaper.

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This particular bike bell also has a cool picture of a Hibiscus flower on the bell with the Nirve name on top of it. This bell is definitely perfect for any type of ride. Also Having a bike bell is a safety issue where a bell should be on every bike. Bells are great for warning people and pets to get out of the way, to let someone know that you’ve arrived or just for attention. For the price, you can’t afford not to get one. I hope you enjoy this little gem that totally tops of the cool cruiser look for your bike!

Hibiscus Bike Bell Product Features:

Vintage sounding bell

Cool picture that stays consistent with the theme of your bike

Easy installation

Works with any handle bars

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  1. Darrin says:

    Nirve makes incredible bells, as does Electra. Snazzy AND great inner mechanics. It’s a serious step back when you go generic.

    Nice blog brother. You’re livin’ the dream!

  2. RBbell says:

    Awesome post ! Hibiscus Bike Bell is fantastic. Bicycle bells are a great tool for riders to let people know you are there. Whether it be other riders, pedestrians or even cars, a bicycle bell will let them know you’re coming through.

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