Hollandia Holiday M1 Bicycle (Ivory, 26-Inch) Review

Hollandia Holiday M1 Bicycle Ivory 26 Inch 300x179 Hollandia Holiday M1 Bicycle (Ivory, 26 Inch) Review

Hollandia Holiday M1 Bicycle (Ivory, 26-Inch) is a simple bike with a simple price and simplicity.It is really a simple one. I like its simplicity most. It is a heavy weight champion. It is 49 pounds.

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I was shocked to see the product image of Hollandia Holiday M1 Bicycle (Ivory, 26-Inch) in Amazon.com. The image there contains no break. I thought either it is something very special, or it must be crazy, a crazy bike for the crazy boys. But I was wrong. It has its break in reality. And they are quite good.

Why did I buy it? Let me introduce my newly bought bike with you. Its frame is made of“steel, Hi-ten TIG”. It has “alloy stem”. Hollandia Holiday M1 Bicycle (Ivory, 26-Inch) contains “quick-release post,”alloy. It has “3-piece crank”. Its breaks are “coaster”. Its rims are “single wall, alloy”; they are of “26-inch diameter”; and they have “36 hole”.

Are these all? Not at all! I have much more to say. I like Hollandia Holiday M1 Bicycle (Ivory, 26-Inch)’stires which are “26 by 2.125-inch”, a pair of prefect bike tires. It has a beautiful pair of vinyl grips and vinylsaddle,brown, a beautiful combination indeed. I have little to talk about its Fenders.

To sum up, you may call me a man of no taste. But I have my own sense organs, very active and very sharp I think. And my senses say, “Hollandia Holiday M1 Bicycle (Ivory, 26-Inch)” is a good bike. Its chain guards which areSemi-enclosed are fine. Its Dutch-style racks, both in rear and in front, are very strong. It has a sweet sounding Bell. What does it lack, man? Beauty? I don’t think so.

I am quite content. I am riding it around very comfortably. Some of my friends have complained about Hollandia Holiday M1 Bicycle (Ivory, 26-Inch)’s colour. But it is entirely a personal choice, you know. If you ask me whether you should buy it or not, I will say, “please don’t.” And if you dwell in the same city I do, the city of London, I will say, “Are you crazy, man?’ I want to be the only winner of this bike, at least in my city.

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