Huffy Men’s Bay Pointe Bike Review

Huffy Mens Bay Pointe Bike MetBlue 26 Inch1 Huffy Mens Bay Pointe Bike Review

The Huffy Men’s Bay Pointe Bike is great for any occasion! This cruiser bike is all about cruising around town or the beach in style and comfort.

5 Star Review – “Great Bicycle!” – Click Here to read the review in full

Huffy has been building bikes since 1892 and always has been known for creating high quality products. Huffy is also one of the most recognizable bike brands not to mention they are known for creating high quality beach cruiser bikes.

The Huffy Men’s Bay Pointe Bike has a steel cantilever frame which provides great durability while provided unbeatable comfort. The upright cruiser handlebars allow the rider to cruise around in comfort while other backs might cause the ride to lean or bend for sufficient reach. Huffy is known for having some of the most comfortable seats out on the market and they didn’t cut any corners with this bike. This bike is equipped with 38mm steel rims, painted fenders, classic beach cruiser white wall tires, a chain guard that is perfect for the beach, durable kick stand and a steel one piece crank. This bike is perfect for crusing up and down the boardwalk in all different types of weather. The Huffy Men’s Bay Pointe Bike is also very easy to operate compared to others. You can’t pass up a vintage beach cruiser like this one! The Huffy Men’s Bay Pointe Bike is a timeless beach cruiser bike that will definitely turn heads!

Huffy Men’s Bay Pointe Bike Features:

  • Steel cantilever frame
  • Solid durability
  • Upright handle bars
  • 38mm steel rims
  • painted fenders
  • classic white wall tires
  • vintage chain guard

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  1. bsimmons9917 says:

    do you have a fb fanpage

    • admin says:

      Yeah Buddy! We’re just getting started up tho so we don’t have a whole lot of fans… Here, check it out . Would love it if you “liked” our page. Thanks for stopping by

      • Hilal says:

        (Sports) Only Huffy got the correct tire/rim ctobinaoimn on their cruiser bikes. Most other cruisers come with very narrow rims that do not properly support the wide tires. Huffy uses nice wide lightweight alloy rims with 14 gage heavy duty spokes The styling is excellent as are the materials used, which is why 4 stars. Now the reason I didn’t give it 5; the bearings were all overtightened and under greased. The welds on the frame were sloppy and not properly dressed down, leaving lots of sharp points and catches. Lastly, The seat is cheap and the cover was comming undone before I even used it, and the handlebars are pretty useless as they get in the way of my legs. best to replace both before riding. I went with an old fashoned style, highrise handlebar and found a vintage steel based (the stock one has a plastic base) seat that work great. If you are not very good at mechanical things, especially bicycles, I would highly recomend having a professional bike shop assemble and tune it for you as some of these issues do require some experience to correct. Other than that a reallygreat bike for the money

    • Eddie says:

      (Sports) I work at a boutique hotel and bohgut this bike for our guests to use in our small mountain town. I previously bohgut four similar bikes from XYZ Bikes a few years ago and this was meant to supplement that aging fleet. This bike costs $20 more but is easily twice as nice as those bikes, from the fenders and rear rack, to the solid rubber end-cap handlebar grips (as opposed to the flimsy ones that aren’t capped and thus inevitably slip down the handlebars on the XYZs). Assembly was also very easy. The chief problem is that the box left out the front basket (though the basket support was included), the nut that secures the front fender to the top of the fork, and the pedals! Packaging problems happen and if Huffy’s warranty department sends me those items I will update this review and improve the rating (I just unpacked this tonight, after business hours, and so haven’t yet spoken with Huffy). Of course, all of those items are available after-market and are inexpensive, but I still like getting what I ordered. UPDATE Huffy sent the replacement parts in a timely manner and I’m completely satisfied. I got the go-ahead from our GM to order two more bikes!

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