Kryptonite U-Lock Color Skins Review

Kryptonite U Lock Color Skins Kryptonite U Lock Color Skins Review

Personalize your bike security with Kryptonite U-Lock Color Skins.  These skins fit all Kryptonite U-Lock bike locks and come in colors like blue, pink, purple, red and white.  Show your support for a sports team or school or just display your favorite color on something that most people wouldn’t even consider to be a statement of style; a bike lock.  You could even order more than one Kryptonite U-Lock Color Skin  and change them out with your mood; don’t worry, replacing the skins only takes a few seconds.  Instructions for a quick and simple installation or replacement job are included with each skin to make sure you don’t have any trouble dressing up your bike lock.  

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These Kryptonite U-Lock Color Skins for the Krytonite U-Lock series of bike locks is also great for multi-bike households to tell a whose bike lock is whose.  Kids, in particular, will enjoy having their own bike lock color that sets their lock apart from those of their peers and siblings.

In this day and age, with everything personalized to the distinct likes and tastes of each individual, why wouldn’t you want to personalize that drab looking bike lock?

Purchase one or more of your own Kryptonite U-Lock Color Skins and give your bike lock a touch up like nothing else can.

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