Micargi GTS Beach Cruiser Bike, Black Puma, 26-Inch Review

Micargi GTS Beach Cruiser Bike Black Puma 26 Inch 300x300 Micargi GTS Beach Cruiser Bike, Black Puma, 26 Inch Review 

Micargi GTS Beach Cruiser Bike, Black Puma, 26-Inch is one of the brilliant bikes with a chopper tank style body. The shape of the bike is totally different from the traditional styles of the bikes and it is really a wonderful thing for all the style loving people. It will serve you and your family with a perfect ride. Besides that you will love its appearance, it durability and off course the delightful ride of the bicycle too. That will turn your mood in a pleasurable feeling while riding on your favorite paths. So it is the high time to buy this bicycle.

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This bicycle comes with a durable tank style steel frame. To increase the sturdy nature of the bicycle steel chrome springer forks has been used in it. The wide cruiser handle bars are also made up of plated steel. The saddle is extra padded to give the more relief to the users while travelling. If you will ride on it even for many hours you will stay active and comfortable. The steel plated guard of the bicycle makes you able to protect yourself from mud or the other dirty particles during your ride. The coaster brakes give you the perfect serenity of mind to stop your bike in front of a hurdle. To maximize the safety of the users the front and rear reflectors have been installed in it. Overall these features ensure the safety and the relaxation of the rider. The alloy seat post clamp, steel front hub, aluminum rims, white wall cruiser tires and the steel kickstand are among the other prominent features of the Micargi GTS Beach Cruiser Bike, Black Puma, 26-Inch.

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