Nirve Starliner Women’s Hybrid Cruiser Bike Review

Nirve Starliner Womens Hybrid Cruiser Bike Nirve Starliner Womens Hybrid Cruiser Bike Review

Whether you’re cruising down the beach in Southern California or riding around your neighborhood, the Nirve Starliner Women’s Hybrid Cruiser Bike is the way to go.

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This beach cruiser has a 15-inch aluminum sport cruiser frame along with super light 700cc wheels which make this particular cruiser extremely safe and easy to handle on the sidewalk or in the street. The classic design is priceless! And this bike rides even better than it looks.

This bike is equipped with a Nirve comfort dual spring saddle which makes any ride feel like you’re sitting on a cloud. The impact resistant polycarbonate fenders allow this bike to take a beating and still have the classic beach cruiser show room look.

This bike is also equipped with the Shimano Mega Range seven speed bike transmission, so any hill, sidewalk, street incline or decline is easily do-able. Now you can cruise those hills or ride in the park in style and forget about getting to your destination completely winded. The Nirve Starliner Women’s Hybrid Cruiser Bike has the functionality of a mountain bike with the classic look that of an old school, southern California beach cruiser.

This cruiser bikes handle bars provide ultimate comfort allowing the rider to ride in the upright position and very well could be the number one feature of this cruiser bike.

This cruiser bike also comes with a three year warrantee on the bike frame and a one year warrantee on the bike components. This bike is worth every penny. The classic beach bike look, durability, lightweight portability and extreme comfort makes this bike a steal. Everything you could possible want or need in a women’s cruiser bike the Nirve Starliner Women’s Hybrid Cruiser Bike provides ten-fold!

Nirve Starliner Women’s Hybrid Cruiser Bike Features:

  • Classic Beach Cruiser Look
  • Super Light 700cc Wheels
  • 15-inch Aluminum Sport Cruiser Frame
  • Nirve Comfort Dual Spring Saddle
  • Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Fenders
  • Shimano Mega Range Seven Speed Bike Transmission
  • Comfort Handler Bars

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  1. Lovely says:

    . This is one of Nirve’s lighter bikes, but is by no means fslmiy. Extemely comfortable and easy to ride, I had it out and rode for a half hour with out feeling like I was going to kill myself. This bike will last the rest of my life, but I am so impressed with it I will probably get another. The quality and workmanship (they are handmade) is very good, and pricing is extremely reasonable considering it is handmade. My brother, who has a Cannondale Mountain, was so impressed with it, is planning on buying one (and he is a distance rider). Even looking at in in a color I didn’t care for, the bike still appealed to me,and I have looked at and sat on many bikes in my search before deciding on this one.


  1. […] to resists all types of impacts. Extra-strudy alloy kickstand is another great addition to this Nirve Starliner Women’s Hybrid Cruiser Bike. Nirve has made it available in the public levels in yellow and blue […]

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