Topeak Explorer Bike Rack Review

Topeak Explorer Bike Rack 300x279 Topeak Explorer Bike Rack Review

Topeak Explorer Bike Rack is a Very strong bike back. I like it well. I had my bike’s own back. But recently I have faced some problem with that. I have a daughter who has learnt to ride on my bike’s back. My bike is a good one, very good indeed, but I don’t feel comfortable with its back when she rides on it. It seemed to be a shaky one. So I had to go for a change. I need not change my whole bike, so thought of changing the back only. And I found Topeak Explorer Bike Rack. It’s a very strong one. Otherwise, why on earth they should create extra bike’s back? You know, it must be better than the bike industry use to provide us with their product.

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The back of my bike caught some rust. I don’t like rusty thing. It was electroplated, but it rusted in the course of time. Topeak Explorer Bike Rack is painted black. This color seems to be longer lasting. So I bought it. I selected Topeak Explorer Bike Rack for three reasons. (1) This is very strong, (2) This is much light and (3) this is beautiful. It is strong but it is light. I like this quality very much. It is made of “6061 hollow aluminum”. It is only 1.3 pound (620 gram). But “6061 hollow aluminum” means light but strong. I like its black color. My bike is a black one, and fits well with that. It can carry my young little lady easily. This is long enough to seat her comfortably. Besides, it can carry almost 55 pounds. So I am quite comfortable using it. My daughter is not more than 30 pounds. She is too young, you see. Topeak Explorer Bike Rack has one more additional use. You can carry MXT type bags on it very comfortably. This is in fact made for that. But I didn’t buy it for that; I bought it for my daughter. Though, I sometime carry a bag too.

Last of all, Topeak Explorer Bike Rack cost me $44.95. It seemed a bit costlier to me. They should lessen the price. This is good. May be it deserve the price. But I wish it less. This Topeak Explorer Bike Rack will certainly be a match with you.

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